Inspired by the large spaces that can be admired in the Natural Parks of New Mexico, Le Taos is a reflection of Tignes-le-Lac’s prevalent adventurous free spirit. The local independent and rebel temperament permeates the hotel, to say the least, which gives it much of its character! The Tignes resort’s rootedness in its environment, however, is not faint. The fascinating geological diversity of the local mountain is found among the inhabitants, far removed from the pretentiousness that may exist elsewhere. There is no room for excess in these places, and returning to the essential is the cardinal virtue!

Le Taos understands this well : a true diamond in the rough in the heart of the mountains, the hotel is a sophisticated and soothing paradise and to discover to appreciate all of its facets takes time. Far from being considered as staged, Le Taos is thus the ideal setting with a mineral atmosphere, from where there is a breath-taking view of the panorama stretching from l’Aiguille percée to the Grande Sassière. No guest will be able to resist the magnetism and captivating beauty of this unique location inspired by Native American culture.

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