Restaurant The Taos in Tignes

Discover the summit of true flavour in the Taos restaurant ! Prepare your taste buds in advance to melt with delight at the first sight of the menu…

Take your seat in the Taos restaurant, the lair of all feasts! From morning until evening, revel in the unique setting in the middle of the mountains and near the slopes. Enjoy your favourite dishes, discover new ones and, most importantly, regain your strength before returning to hit the nearby mountain slopes.

Savour French cuisine’s many subtleties at the Taos restaurant. Thanks to the incomparable talents of our distinguished chefs, your taste buds will joyfully rediscover what it means to “have great taste”. The selections include Domino de foie gras, burrata cheese, Savoie sausage, religieuse aux trois chocolats, etc. From the first bite to the last, reassert your sense of taste with memorable meals!

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